Travel around UK and London

travel arround london

The United Kingdom has so many opportunities for businesses to expand and reach to new customers with their products. UK offers as many opportunities to tourists and travelers looking for luxurious holiday destinations. Hotels in UK offer quality and affordable accommodation to travelers. Local and international travelers to UK and London require reliable and affordable means of transport. Business owners and tourists visiting these destinations often require traveling to many locations in a day. A visitor to UK or London is keen to maximize their stay by visiting all the locations they can within a short time. Sometimes business activities require moving to and from different locations to meet with clients or other stakeholders.

If you are a visitor or a resident in the UK with such travel needs, you need to make an informed and wise choice on the means of transport. While they are taxis readily available to all travelers in all parts of UK and London, you cannot rely on them fully. You need to locate a travel agency that offers quality and reliable services. Your choice of a transport agency will determine if make it to your destinations on time. Thus, visitors should consider transport services within UK and London even before taking their trip. Most travelers ignore this aspect of their stay and focus on transport means from their country of residence to UK.

Many travel agencies promise excellent and reliable services to visitors and UK residents. However, not all deliver or are committed to delivering such services. Travelers have a role to play in organizing for the best transport services. A background check on transport services will help you identify and enjoy a good ride to your destination. There are online travel advisories that can help you make the decision as well. UK and London have many transport companies that offer quality, fast, affordable and reliable transport services. You can consult with your travel agency on the best company depending on your specific destination and need.

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Why Contracts and Handbooks Are Required In Business Agreements

business agrement

When signing a business agreement, it is imperative to have proof of every agreement and a legally binding document. That is why signing contracts when hiring employees is necessary. It is important to know that, a contract is different from a handbook. An employee handbook is a document that outlines the rules and policies of a business those employees whether on contract or at-will, should abide by. A contract on the other hand, is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of an employment relationship between an employer and an employee. These employment contracts and employee handbooks are important because they;

  • Prevent unfair dismissal– when an employee is employed without a contract or without the employee handbook, their employment rights are not protected because it means that they are employed at-will. When an employee is employed at-will, he can be terminated any time without a warning or with no reasonable grounds. An employer can just wake up one day and decide to fire you and there is nothing you can do because there is no legal document that protects your employment status.
  • Prevent sudden quitting– hiring employees without a contract is the same as employees being hired without handbooks. It means that they are working at-will and can quit the job any time they wish to, without notice. This can affect a business negatively, therefore, it is important to draft an employment contract when hiring to prevent this.
  • Provide guidance– the employee handbook is important to your business because it provides guidance for your employees. It lists the goals of the business, the policies to be followed by employees, and the rules the employees should adhere to so they can fulfill the goals of the business.
  • Outline benefits– an employment contract generally outlines the job responsibilities of employees, the benefits they should get, their salary, paid vacations, any sales commissions, paid leave and holidays, and bonuses to be paid. This helps to prevent any conflict that may arise later between an employer and employees.
  • Act as a communication tool– any business should have a well drafted handbook because it helps employers communicate with their employees clearly. Employees get to understand how they are expected to behave, dress, and how they will be rewarded.
  • Protect employers– even though a handbook is not considered a contract, it is recognized in a court of law as a legally binding document. Therefore, when a handbook is well drafted, it sets clear guidelines and structures that help to solve issues when they arise.

It is important to hire a lawyer who is conversant with employment law to help with the drafting of employment contracts and handbooks for your business.


This will ensure that all the sensitive issues are addressed; set forth acceptable terms and conditions, and provide clear information about the expectations of the employer. The contracts will ensure that both the employer and employee are protected from any issues that may arise in future.

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